Oricom baby monitors rated No.1 by Aussie parents

When you become a parent, particularly for the first time, there are a lot of things to consider – and buy, of course. Parenthood is a very costly exercise! And one of the things you might want to purchase, for the peace of mind of knowing your baby is OK when they’re not in view, is a baby monitor.

That’s why Canstar Blue has published customer satisfaction ratings for baby monitor brands. We asked hundreds of mums and dads to tell us about the devices they’ve bought and used, and their feedback is reflected in the ratings.

In 2016, Oricom took out the title for highest rated brand, so we caught up with Managing Director Kevin McDonnell, to find out a bit more about Oricom and ask some questions about baby monitors in general

Q) You have a large range of digital baby monitors, with increasing technology and features reflected by higher prices. Which products are proving the most popular with parents and why do you think this is?

A) We are seeing continual growth in the video monitor segment as technology advances and parents adopt the latest trends into every area of their life. Families have moved from predominately audio monitoring and are embracing the benefits of being able to see into the baby’s room as well. As with other electronic technologies we are seeing the increasing demand for larger screens, balanced with the practicality of portability.

Q) From our survey, Oricom was the only brand to earn a five-star rating in terms of baby monitor features. Can you tell us what features you are most proud of, or have received the most feedback from parents about?

A) Oricom has led the market in technologies like DECT for interference free audio monitoring and secure digital connection with our video monitors. We pride ourselves on our offering of easy-to-use monitors that, by their nature, help to give parents peace of mind when looking after their child. This means including features like room temperature monitoring, two-way communication, night vision and alerts.

We’ve really stepped it up with our newest model, the Secure870; more than just a video monitor it features sleep aids like lullabies, white noise and a starry night lightshow: it’s essentially an all-in-one solution for gadgets in the nursery and is proving very popular, parents love it’s simple to use menu and the fact you can activate the features from outside the nursery so as not to disturb baby.

Q) Your infant breathing movement monitors prove just how far technology has come since the old walkie talkie baby monitors of the past. What are your thoughts and plans regarding where the technology will go next?

A) As Australia’s speciality in baby care, we aim to deliver ideas and designs that make life easier for parents and we are continually developing products in line with the latest technology. The Babysense2 uses proven technology, developed over 20 years ago but is still robust, current and market leading in its operation. Beyond its competitors, Babysense2 offers an alarm which will sound if the breathing movement rate falls below the specified level, not just waiting until breathing has ceased. We continually receive wonderful feedback about this product with some truly heart-warming stories.

Q) About 1 in 3 parents told us they have ‘heard strange noises’ through a baby monitor. Are they just imagining things, or are some baby monitors prone to outside interference that could result in unusual sounds coming through?

A) Maybe they were using older analog technology baby monitors. Analog baby monitors get a lot of static and interference from other things nearby that are using the same channel and there are plenty of electronic gadgets that share these frequencies. A second problem with analog baby monitors comes if you live in close proximity to other people; when your baby monitor is competing for frequency space with garage door openers or other baby monitors, those signals are going to cross paths; the result could be that someone else hears your baby crying in the middle of the night, or you get to hear the neighbour’s awkward fights.

Oricom DECT audio and secure digital technology avoids this type of interference. DECT technology – the same technology used in home telephones, developed to give improved security, a clearer signal, no interference and long range. The only sounds you should hear through your Oricom monitor are those made by your baby; and first time parents often get a surprise at how noisy newborns can be with their snorting, snuffling and grunting they do in their sleep!

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