The credit card Christmas trap

Tic Toc! Tic Toc!! – Only five weeks to go…

When the pressure is on, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘just do it’, ‘it’s only this once’. But, if this is a financially tight time for you, you really must take time out to make a plan – a spending plan, and use every piece of discipline you have to stay on track.

Step forward into the future for a moment. Not that far, only until the third week of January 2016. You’ve had a holiday, a wonderful Christmas dinner with all the trimmings just like those pictures from the magazines, your children got everything on their list and you even treated yourself to a new frock, a new hair-do and a couple of take-out meals because that Christmas period was pretty hectic.

And … you whacked it all on your credit card.

As a nation we have approximately $50 billion in credit card debt – that’s BILLION, with a ‘B’. That’s a heck of lot of money spent on goods and services we can’t save for.

Give yourself a gift this year, one like no other. The gift of no credit card interest. Have a look through the past blog posts in this Christmas countdown to help you get prepared.

For this week, here are some things to consider that will save you money and that you won’t have to put on the credit card.

Make your own gifts. This is a fun thing to do on your own or with your children. It really brings together the spirit of Christmas with fun and laughs to the tunes of Christmas carols and the joy of giving.

These gifts are great for neighbours, friends, teachers etc…


Rocky Road

2 blocks Nestle Crunch

1 cup Jelly Babies

1 small bag Marshmallows

–          Melt the chocolate

–          Line a small baking tray (small size) with baking paper

–          Cover the tray with Jelly Babies and Marshmallows

–          Pour over the melted chocolate

–          Place in fridge until set

And two other favourites…

Shortbread biscuits and butternut snap Rudolph chocolate tartlets.


  • Shower scrubs – I always make extra for myself!
  • Body butter
  • Lip balm
  • Candles
  • Decorations

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