Simple ways to make bath time fun

fun bath timeThere is no need to go to extreme, messy, or expensive lengths to make bath time fun for your baby. It is as simple as utilising what you have at home.

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Engaging the senses

For a baby, bath time is a huge sensory experience with a variety of different sensations happening all at once. There are many ways you can get you baby to experience the different senses that are involved in the bath.

Touch: you baby will like touching different textures, so try stroking their hands with different items or (if they are able) have them grab them. Use things like a sponge, a washcloth, a towel, shaving cream, and the bristles of a hairbrush – essentially anything within arm’s reach that you think your bay will enjoy the feel of.

Sound: while it may sounds simple, singing to your baby at bath time can make for an enjoyable experience. Whether you use a silly voice, or sing a soothing lullaby, you bub is sure to enjoy while learning both music and language skills, as they will learn a lot by simply hearing you.

Sight: babies are mesmerised by mirrors; you can get unbreakable mirrors that are made for babies to use. They can be very fun for baby and yourself – baby will enjoy looking into the mirror and you will love their reaction.

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Other fun stuff

Bath toys can be found pretty much anywhere, and can cost you anywhere from a few dollars to a fairly significant amount. But quite frankly, the cheap and simple toys are all you really need for a fun bath time.

Rubber ducks and other water creatures (fish, seals, dolphins, starfish, etc.) are good for imaginative play, and also look cute sitting by the bath when you’re all done.

Even a plastic cup or a sieve is a great toy for the bath. Your baby can fill and pour them, which not only reaches them about how filling and pouring works, but keeps them amused while you wash their hair.

For a slightly older child, letters and numbers that stick to the tiles are a good tool for learning. You can also incorporate the toys you already have by teaching them about what the animals are, and what sounds they make.

If you want to up the ante a little bit, burst out the bubbles. Blowing bubbles into the bath will turn bath time into a magical experience, and you could even teach the concepts big and small using different sized bubble wands. Once your baby is a toddler, you can even teach them how to blow bubbles of their own.

It really is easy to make bath time fun with stuff you probably already have at home. All you need to do is put a little bit of thought into it.

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