What is the best gaming mouse?

Any respectable gaming PC deserves a quality mouse – but finding one that strikes the right balance between features, performance design and ergonomics can be a pretty tricky proposition with so many choices on the market. I’ve rigorously tested over 30 different gaming mice to come up with a shortlist of the very best that cater to all budgets from the entry level, mid-range to the premium tier, writes Krishan Sharma. Looking for a gaming keyboard to go with it?

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer’s DeathAdder Elite has been the gold standard when it comes to wired gaming mice and for good reason. It has a fantastic shape that is comfortable with virtually any grip type or hand size. The 16,000 CPI optical sensor is easily one of the best mouse sensors available as it works well on both hard and cloth mouse pads and will deliver flawless tracking regardless of how fast you move the mouse.

DPI: 16,000 | Connection: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Weight: 105g |

Street Price: $99.95


  • Ideal shape for any grip style or hand size
  • Flawless tracking
  • Solid construction
  • Great price


  • No onboard memory for fast profile switch

Best Mid-Range Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

Corsair’s first stab at a wireless gaming mouse also happens to be one of the best, offering great features at a reasonable price. The nine-button arrangement is well spaced out, the 16,000 DPI can be adjusted right down to 1 DPI resolution increments, allowing you to tune the sensitivity just to your liking while the 1ms 2.4GHz wireless connection with a 1,000Hz polling rate is pinpoint accurate and extremely responsive. There’s Bluetooth onboard as well for the times you forget to bring the included dongle. The Dark Core mouse will even work with your Xbox One for games that support mouse input.

The mouse lasted over a week of constant use before it needed charging, which was painless thanks to its built-in support for the Qi charging standard allowing us to plonk down the mouse on the very same wireless charger we use to charge our smartphones. The Dark Core is also compatible with Corsair’s MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad (sold separately) and the combo ends up being a fair bit cheaper than competing solutions such as Razer’s Mamba HyperFlux.

The overall shape of the mouse is nicely contoured and there’s two included interchangeable side grips to provide a more tailored fit.  The body of the mouse is a little on the long side so it might not be ideal for those who like to play using a claw grip or those who have small hands but this is a minor quibble in an otherwise outstanding quality gaming mouse.

DPI: 16,000 | Connection: Wireless or wired | Buttons: 9 | Weight: 128g |

Street Price: $149


  • Ultra-fast and responsive wireless connection
  • Supports both 2.4GHz wireless and low-latency Bluetooth
  • Customisable in 1 DPI resolution steps at up to 16,000 DPI
  • Recharges with any Qi wireless charger
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with Xbox One to play mouse-enabled games


  • Long frame might be too large for gamers with small hands

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Best Premium Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The Logitech G Pro wireless ticks all of the boxes you would expect from a premium grade gaming mouse. Swappable components? Check. Peerless latency-free wireless connection? Check. A high performance sensor that won’t let you down in the heat of battle? Check. Class leading battery life? Check.

But what makes Logitech’s G Pro stand out is the unique combination of its ultra-lightweight design and extreme responsiveness under hand allowing for fast, agile movements unhindered by wires nor weight, making it a killer combination for twitch-based shooters. So long as you’re okay in spending $240 on a mouse, the Logitech Wireless Pro can’t be beat.

DPI: 16,000 | Connection: Wireless or wired | Buttons: 8 | Weight: 81g |

Street Price: $239


  • Wireless connection rivals wired performance
  • Swappable components
  • Versatile Ambidextrous design
  • Extremely light but sturdy build
  • Overwhelmingly comfortable
  • Class leading battery life
  • Compatible with the PowerPlay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad (sold separately)


  • Pricey

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