Game Preview: MLB The Show 21 – Next-Gen Features

Step up to the plate and jump into a MLB gaming experience like never before, with MLB The Show 21 showcasing a complete fielding overhaul, enhanced pitch mechanics and improved modes across the board to give gamers their fill of baseball action.

With a streamlined Diamond Dynasty experience, new gameplay styles and much more, prepared to be spoilt for choice as you play a variety of game modes with your favourite rookies and seasoned vets in arguably the most immersive moment-to-moment MLB title ever seen before. Read on to find out if MLB The Show 21 is worth picking up in this Canstar Blue article.

MLB The Show 21: New features to expect

MLB The Show 21 Pitching

There are three differing play styles in MLB The Show 21 to cater to a wide range of gameplay scenarios, including:

  • Casual: An easy, fun, pick-up and play experience with an emphasis on learning the game.
  • Simulation: Authentic MLB experience that is more focused on player and team ratings.
  • Competitive: User stick skills on the controller reign supreme in this gameplay style, with competitive being default for all online games.

Keep in mind these settings can be changed at any time via the settings menu, giving you further control on how and at what level you want to play at.

There is also a brand new difficulty system, with the five varying modes catering to specific ability levels to maximise the gaming experience for players. These range from Beginner to Legend, with the difficulty able to be changed during the match based on your current performance.

Other new notable features in MLB The Show 21 include:

  • Perfect Hits have an increased chance of being fair.
  • Check Swings will match user input.
  • Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) now offers Pure Analog, Metered and Pinpoint Pitching to show concisely where the ball will land if thrown perfectly.
  • Improved Batting Practice allowing users to force pitch type and location for specific player training.

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MLB The Show 21: Diamond Dynasty and Next Gen Features

MLB The Show 21 Catching

The live content for Diamond Dynasty now streamlines programs to provide gamers with clearer goals and faster paths to rewards based on how you play. Diamond Dynasty also welcomes a new class of Legends to help fill out your dream squad!

MLB The Show 21 will be available to play on next-gen consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Formerly a PlayStation-exclusive title, Xbox Series X users will now be able to experience MLB for all its glory in awesome 4K quality and 60fps framerate.

Stadium Creator is a brand new feature exclusive to next-gen consoles, as gamers on the Series X and PS5 will be able to build and shape their very own baseball stadiums, with nothing better than hitting a dinger over centre field in a stadium of your own design.

Will MLB The Show 21 be Worth it?

MLB The Show 21 Game Cover

With MLB The Show 21 being exclusive to Sony for so long, no doubt gamers are excited to see the franchise head to Xbox for the first time. And with enhanced pitch mechanics, a new Diamond Dynasty experience and improved modes across the game, MLB The Show 21 looks to make a good first impression for both Xbox and PlayStation owners.

MLB The Show 21 is set to be released on April 20, 2021 at all participating stores, and available to play on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

MLB The Show 21 Details

  • Game Release Date: April 20, 2021
  • Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
  • RRP: $94.45 upwards

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