Natural Gas Suppliers & Prices

Hand holding coal in coal mine

What are fossil fuels?

Posted by May 13th 2022

With all the recent hot topic debates around renewable energy, more and more attention is drawn to the production and uses of fossil fuels. Despite years of using and surrounding ourselves with fossil fuels it …

Energy Price Fact Sheets

Understanding Energy Price Fact Sheets

Posted by July 28th 2022

Confused when comparing electricity deals? Canstar Blue walks you through energy price fact sheets and how to make sense of them.

LPG cylinders in cage

What is LPG?

Posted by February 8th 2022

While the classic white gas canister is a familiar sight at family gatherings, camping trips and Bunnings’ sausage sizzles, many of us may not know what LPG is or how this gas is sourced in …

Natural gas stovetop alight

What is Natural Gas?

Posted by March 3rd 2022

Natural gas is one of the leading sources of energy in Australia, yet not many of us know how it’s made or produced. But with a slow transition from coal-powered stations and the number of …

Origin Hot Water Heating Explained

Posted by June 17th 2022

Most apartment dwellers have what’s called ‘centralised’ or ‘bulk’ hot water, which means you cop an extra bill for your hot water usage. The supplier of your hot water is chosen by the body corporate …

Orange LPG gas cylinders lined up

Origin LPG: Gas Products Review & Guide

Posted by May 7th 2021

A powerhouse of the energy industry, Origin Energy has been switching on Aussie households for more than 20 years. As an integrated power company, Origin generates and sells electricity and gas, including liquified petroleum gas …

Woman hand pointing at natural gas meter

Natural gas expected to rise for ACT customers

Posted by May 5th 2021

Gas in the Australian Capital Territory and some regional parts of New South Wales are set to increase over the next five years following the regulator’s approval to accelerate the depreciation of gas pipelines in …

Natural gas vs LPG: What should you get?

Posted by February 8th 2022

Natural gas and LPG are both reliable sources of power, but which is best for your home? Compare LPG and natural gas with Canstar Blue.