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device home energy usage

The new device to track home energy usage

Posted by March 27th 2017

If you’re suffering from bill shock, it helps to look at what’s eating up all that electricity in your home. The Numen could leave you feeling like a new man… or woman.

Queensland energy Tariffs

Queensland to get new electricity tariffs

Posted by June 21st 2019

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved new tariff options for electricity retailers in Queensland, which could help customers save money.

How to predict your next energy bill

How to predict your next energy bill

Posted by June 21st 2019

If you’re suffering bill shock, but don’t have a smart meter, there are some ways to help calculate your next bill. Find out the simple steps with Canstar Blue.

Hot Water Systems

A Comparison of Hot Water Systems

Posted by June 21st 2019

What is the best hot water system? The advantages and disadvantages of electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems.