ALDI brings back popular peking-style duck pancake kits!

ALDI shoppers rejoice! The budget supermarket’s popular peking-style duck pancake kits are back on the shelves just in time to usher in the Chinese New Year, but hurry because it’s for a limited time only.

The $13.99 Luv-a-Duck microwave meal comes packed with duck legs, Chinese pancakes, hoisin sauce and takes only five minutes to pull together.

ALDI Duck Pancake Kits

To prepare this easy dish, simply chuck the duck legs and pancakes in the microwave for a total of four minutes, then cut and add all your other ingredients like cucumbers and shallots (not included in the kit).

Shoppers have raved about the seemingly fancy cheap meal on social media, with some Facebook users recommending the kit as a convenient dinner solution and sharing photos online.

“Not anywhere as nice as real peking duck with crispy skin, but not a bad option to have at home. The hoisin sauce is quite strong and can be an acquired taste, so I recommend using it sparingly until you know you like it,” a person commented.

“We love them, so easy to prepare and delicious. A perfect lunch for two,” another user posted.

ALDI cheap duck pancakes

One clever shopper even shared their tip on how to achieve the crispy skin.

“The trick with duck is to take all the skin and meat off. Put the skin in a single layer under a hot grill until crispy (a lot more fat will come off). Then serve in the pancakes with crumbled crispy skin,” the person said.

Although several users saw the kit better suited as a side or starter, others preferred the boneless alternative from Woolworths.

The peking-style duck pancakes share kit from Woolies comes from the same brand, Luv-a-Duck, but uses duck breasts instead of duck legs.

ALDI duck dumplings

You can also grab a pack or two of ALDI’s Chinese-style duck dumplings to enjoy along with your pancakes, which are on sale for $5.49 for a limited time.

Picture credit: ALDI Mums Facebook.

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