What a scoop! ALDI selling low-calorie dessert to rival Halo Top

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, it only makes sense that ALDI stirs up a supposedly guilt-free treat to reward Aussies for signing up to yet another gym membership and eating a few more greens at dinner. 

‘Kenny’s’ frozen dessert is being hailed by some social media users as the latest cool cheap buy from the discount haven, treating those with a sweet tooth to an “affordable dupe” of a more expensive ‘healthy’ ice cream alternative for almost half the price. 

One excited shopper recently uploaded a photo of the treat to the ALDI Lovers Australia Instagram page, captioned: “Meet Kenny’s… the Halo Top dupe. Choc chip cookie dough and salted caramel flavours. Has anyone tried these yet?”

Halo Top’s “dessert you can feel good about eating” is claimed to pack between 280 and 360 calories in a 473ml tub, which is available for $9 at supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths and IGA. 

ALDI’s frozen dessert is advertised to contain a similar number of calories and only fits just a lick more, with a single 475ml tub available for $4.99. 

Plus, both brands feature mouth-watering versions of choc chip cookie dough and salted caramel. 

The post quickly attracted fans in a couple of days, with more bargain hunters showing just as much enthusiasm on the blog’s Facebook page. 

Shoppers who have already managed to scoop up the new ice cream are praising the budget buy and recommending it to other curious users.

One commenter said: “Yes tried yesterday the salted caramel!!! 10/10.” 

“Best ice cream!!,” another user wrote. 

Although most commenters are still waiting to scoop up the “ALDI version of Halo Top”. 

But while most fans plan to get their hands on the tasty treats, it seems the search for an affordable alternative still continues for those looking for dairy free or sugar free options. 

Picture credit: Syda Productions/Shutterstock.com.

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