ALDI selling retro toys in Special Buys

ALDI is bringing us back to days gone by with its latest blast from the past Special Buys event. The discount supermarket will be selling a collection of ‘retro’ toys and games from this Saturday (October 31), including Mr & Mrs Potato Head and a retro Monopoly!

Aussie parents are already excited about bringing these throwback toys back to the present, perhaps to put under the Christmas tree this year? It’s also got educators pretty keen, with teachers sharing the latest Special Buys catalogue on the ALDI Teachers Australia Facebook page. Social media users say the toys could be handy props for history lessons. Right!

Here are some of the nostalgic treasures you’ll find in your local ALDI’s middle aisle this weekend:

Retro Battleship & Monopoly Games − $24.99 each

This edition of the Monopoly game comes in a classic 1935 style box. Battleship was inspired by the original game where two players try to sink each other’s hidden ships.

ALDI monopoly and battleship game

Mr & Mrs Potato Head − $14.99 each

You can build each potato head and swap the parts for a laugh.

ALDI potato heads toys

Retro Wooden Box Sets − $7.99 each

These include dominoes, juggling and card and dice games, as well as a harmonica and yo-yo.

Carebears & Elmo − $24.99 each

These 80’s style bears are making a comeback.

Elmo Bear Special Buys ALDI

Pound Puppies − $29.99 each

These are said to be an authentic reproduction of the 1980’s Pound Puppy!

ALDI Pound Puppies Special Buys

Assorted Retro My Little Pony − $14.99 each

This edition is stated to be based on the design of the original MLP from over 30 years ago!

My Little Pony ALDI

Rubik’s Retro Pack − $19.99

This comes with a Rubik’s 3×3 cube and Rubik’s Snake.

Rubik’s Retro Pack ALDI Special Buys

Spirograph Design Set 30pc − $14.99

Spirograph is the original designer set for little creatives!

Spirograph Design Set ALDI Special Buys

Licensed Die Cast Model Cars − $4.99

These mini model cars have a pull-back function, with opening and closing doors. They also come with assorted licences.

ALDI Licensed Die Cast Model Cars

ALDI Special Buys are available while stocks last. Product availability is limited and will typically vary between stores. To find certain products near you, you can try ALDI’s Facebook chatbot.

Picture credits: ALDI.

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