ALDI shopper’s controversial hack to slow down cashiers divides opinions

We all know too well the struggle of keeping up with ALDI’s speedy cashiers, and now one shopper has shared a controversial hack for slowing down the checkout process.

The shopper posted a picture to Facebook showing how she spaces out each grocery item on the conveyor belt with 30cm in between items. She claims this technique gives shoppers a few more valuable minutes to pack or bag their groceries at the other end of the checkout.

ALDI hack divides opinion

The shopper captioned the photo: “In your face ALDI! Just so we got time to pack!”

The simple hack has attracted both praise and criticism. Far from being labelled a genius move, many social media users actually called the hack ‘selfish’ and ‘annoying’.

“If you are selfish enough to do that, I hope they really throw them at you,” one person commented.

“Stop trying to pack your bags at the checkout. Put your groceries back into your trolley after they’ve been scanned and pack them at the packing area like you’re supposed to,” said another.

Other shoppers said the mad rush to keep up with ALDI cashiers was integral to the shopping experience at the discount supermarket.

“Everyone needs to learn to shop at ALDI. You don’t pack. You throw it all back in the trolley and pack at the bench after checkout!” one person wrote.

“Me too, I chuck it in my trolley as fast as they scan my items. Sometimes I even grab it out of their hands if I’m fast enough”, said another.

ALDI hacks social media comments

So, is this hack selfish or smart?

Picture credits: Facebook.

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