ALDI selling vegan beef jerky in Special Buys! No, seriously!

First it was the McVeggie, then it was Four N’ Twenty’s vegan take on the classic meat pie. Now, it’s ALDI’s turn to join the herd and cook up its own plant-based alternative to a meat lover’s favourite – beef jerky.

Curious Aussies will finally be able to bite into a spicy or teriyaki flavoured vegan jerky as part of the supermarket’s Special Buys, on sale for $4.99 this Saturday (June 20).

More vegan foods on the way at ALDI

ALDI says it has seen growing interest in its plant-based and vegan-friendly foods lately, and plans to use products like Smoky BBQ jackfruit and seafood alternatives from Tuno as a way to introduce people to the possibilities of ‘mock meat’ and other plant-based substitutes.

“The Plant Power products are perfect for Aussie vegans or anyone after a healthy meat-free alternative. The snacks and meals in the range are tasty, good for the planet and all for under $5 each,” said an ALDI Australia spokesperson.

ALDI Vegan Jerky Earth Grown

Jackfruit burgers, anyone?

ALDI BBQ Jackfruit The Jack Man

Flavoured tuno, here we go!

ALDI Vegan Tuna Loma Linda

Other items to dig your teeth into include:

  • Flavoured Tuno Seafood Alternative: $1.69
  • Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk: $2.99
  • So Good Unsweetened Cashew Milk: $2.99
  • Earth Grown Flavoured Textured Soy Protein: $3.49
  • The Jack Man Jackfruit Ready to Eat Meals: $3.99
  • Nourished Nutrition Vegan Meal Kit: $3.99
  • Oh So Natural Food Snack Bars: $3.99 (available in salted caramel, peanut and blueberry)
  • Earth Grown Vegan Jerky $4.99

What else is in ALDI’s Special Buys this week?

ALDI Special Buys sodastream spirit machine

Saving the earth one reusable straw at a time, ALDI’s sale this weekend will also include a SodaStream and other eco-friendly homewares.

The supermarket chain is slicing a chunk off the retail price, selling the Spirit SodaStream Machine for $69.99, despite retailing for more than $100. It can make up to 60L worth of sparkling water and can also be used to make different carbonated drinks.

Other items to look out for this weekend include:

  • Multix Greener Brown Baking Paper: $2.99
  • JOIE Reusable Kitchen Accessories: $3.99
  • Bamboo Pet Bowls: $4.99
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs: $6.99
  • Stainless Steel Lunchbox: $7.99
  • Beeswax Wraps (three-piece set): $9.99
  • SodaStream 1L Carbonating Bottles (two pack): $9.99
  • Thermos Food Flask: $9.99
  • HuskeeCup: $9.99
  • Coconut Candle: $9.99
  • Benchtop Composter: $19.99

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