Australians & fast food

We speak to Channel 7 about the state of the quick service restaurant industry, and which chains (out of McDonalds, Subway, Sushi Train, and more) are leaving customers most satisfied.


Host: “As the nation’s obesity levels increase, Australians are eating record amounts of takeaway food, worth almost $40 billion a year. A new survey reveals which takeaway meals are most popular, and that most people regret eating fast food.”

Helen Wellings (Reporter): “The healthiness of our food has again come under scrutiny. The Cancer Council reveals foods like Coco Pops, and Tiny Teddies, which fail scientifically proven nutrition criteria, are being blatantly promoted to kids.”

Clare Hughes (Cancer Council): “For example, Kellogg’s would say for a serve of Coco Pops that that’s only around 30 grams, which is probably a lot less than most people would eat, and because it’s based on a small serve size then that can pass their own nutrition criteria when we know it’s an unhealthy food.”

Helen: “And national spending on takeaway meals has increased a massive 23% just in the past four years. It’s predicted that within 10 years, 83% of Australian men, and 75% of Australian women, will be obese or overweight. ”

Angela Young (Canstar Blue): “One in three Gen Y-ers say that they are eating too much takeaway food, one in three say they are embarrassed about ordering it, and more than half say they regret doing it afterwards.”

Mohammad Salahuddin (Consumer): “I love the KFC, I love the price, I eat KFC five days a week for my lunch.”

Helen: “Canstar Blue’s survey of 2,000 (Ed. 2,088) people scored fast food outlets for overall satisfaction. Top score with five was Subway.”

Customer: [on why he chooses Subway] “The price, and it’s next to my work.”

Helen: “Next, Sushi Train, Oporto, Nando’s and McDonald’s scored an average four out of five, followed by Hungry Jack’s, Red Rooster and last, KFC, with three. (To camera) The most-consumed fast foods? Pizza and pasta, followed by chicken and chips, and hamburgers. The least ordered takeaway? Salads. Helen Wellings, 7 News.”

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