Australia’s favourite hot chips!

It’s a debate heard in food courts across the land: Which fast food restaurant has the best hot chips?

It’s a question that’s been eating away at us here at Canstar Blue for some time, so we decided to chip in with a nationwide survey of Australian adults to find out which really are the country’s favourite.

Hungry for answers, we asked almost 2,000 consumers – who have purchased and eaten hot chips from one of the takeaway restaurants included in the survey in the last three months – to rate their level of satisfaction on a score of 1 to 10.

Just for fun, we asked for reports on hot chips from McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Red Rooster and Oporto. So, which of these fine eateries came out on top? The answer is…


That’s right, the Portuguese-themed Aussie franchise was the star of the show, serving up a hot chip customer rating of 7.7.

It was followed in second place by Red Rooster with a score of 7.6 – earning bragging rights over great chicken rival KFC which shared third place with Hungry Jacks on a score of 7.4.

Finally, and perhaps surprisingly, McDonalds was the lowest rated of the lot with a score of 6.9 for its hot chips.

What about state preferences?

McDonalds was lowest – or equal lowest-rated – across the states, but there were some notable differences in our hot chip preferences.

  • Queenslanders rated Red Rooster’s hot chips highest overall (7.5), ahead of Hungry Jacks and KFC (7.2), Oporto (7.0) and McDonalds (6.8)
  • In New South Wales, Hungry Jacks and Oporto hot chips are seemingly to die for, both rated 7.7 ahead of Red Rooster (7.6), KFC (7.4) and McDonalds (7.1)
  • It was a close race in South Australia where Hungry Jacks (7.6) pipped Red Rooster to top spot (7.5), with KFC, McDonalds and Oporto all rating 7.3
  • Victorians were found to be big fans of Oporto, rating its hot chips 7.8 ahead of Red Rooster (7.6), KFC (7.4.), Hungry Jacks (7.3) and McDonalds (6.8)
  • However, Western Australians are clearly the biggest Oporto fans in the country, dishing out a rating of 8.1 for its hot chips, ahead of Red Rooster (7.9), KFC (7.5) and McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (6.7)

And that’s it! If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, join the debate on our Facebook page.

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