Why you can’t find Cadbury Caramilk in stores

It’s the chocolate block everyone seems to love – but you can’t find anywhere! So what gives? Well, according to one retail expert, it’s all a cunning plan to make us want it EVEN MORE.

We’re talking, of course, about Cadbury Caramilk, the white chocolate-turned-caramel block that has once again disappeared from supermarket shelves, with some people even selling bars online for more than $900! No, seriously! They have a standard retail price of $4.80.

But if the highly-sought-after chocolate is so popular, how come there is limited supply? According to Professor Gary Mortimer from the Queensland University of Technology, it could be a deliberate tactic from the cheeky chocolate-maker.

“Now some people would say that’s just poor production planning – but this is Cadbury, this is a global business, they don’t make those types of mistakes,” he said.

“I suspect that in many ways it’s intentionally limiting supply to create this ‘FOMO’ effect – Fear of Missing Out.

“We’re all human creatures, we don’t want to miss out on things, we want to go to the latest restaurant or buy the best products. If those products are really easily available, there’s no social credit in getting them. If they are limited supply and hard to get, suddenly they become really desirable and you don’t want to miss out on that.”

Cadbury describes its Caramilk block as a “golden blend of caramelised white chocolate” and declares online that it’s become a “delicious fan favourite amongst Australians”. The new flavour – just one of 35+ listed by Cadbury – found its way into Aussie supermarkets last year, and instantly went down a treat with consumers, selling out in just days as word spread across social media.

It was reintroduced this month, but again the blocks have been hard to come by. Professor Mortimer suggests it’s a common retail tactic to keep us all interested.

“It works really well, if you look at sort of the way ALDI play out their role of stores, in the front of their stores on a Wednesday or on a Saturday, crowds are trying to get those limited stocks, and if you miss out, what do you do? You come back the next week, so that FOMO effect keeps bringing you back every time, trying to get hold of those products,” he said.

“I guess what usually happens with a new line, is that it goes through an introduction, a growth period, then maturity, and then decline, it just collapses basically. But if you limit supply and just release limited quantities into the marketplace, it always stays in growth. The next time we see the product hit shelves, there will be another hit of sales and it will continue to grow those sales.”

Cadbury releases Pineapple Lumps chocolate

Last month, Cadbury also announced its limited-edition range of Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps blocks in New Zealand, leaving Australian fans with a bit more FOMO – until now.

Caramilk can step aside as this new special edition choccy has been seen popping up in Aussie supermarkets this week. And this time, there seems to have been plenty of supply.

When Cadbury confirmed the collaboration, it said: “Both Pineapple Lumps and Cadbury Dairy Milk are such classic icons, it’s great to be able to create a way to enjoy and share them in a new, delicious treat.”

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