Cadbury launches Creme Egg Cakes just in time for Easter

Creme Egg fans rejoice! Cadbury has launched Creme Egg Cakes in Australia just in time for Easter.

Shoppers have spotted the latest Cadbury Creme Egg treat in the freezer section at Coles, which costs just $5 for a box of four individual mini cakes. They’re described as a chocolate flavoured sponge layered with the Creme Egg iconic white and yellow fondant and coated in milk chocolate. The even better news is that each Creme Egg cake contains just 145 calories!

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A TikTok user shared the discovery online and shoppers are already keen to give the new Cadbury treat a try, although many are wondering why a ‘cake’ would be in the freezer section and not in the confectionery aisle.

“This is the new snack you must try at Coles for 145 calories, it’s the perfect treat. It’s in the ice cream freezer section,” the voiceover in the clip said.

Cadbury Creme Egg cakes

“Why would a cake be in the freezer?” one shopper asked.

“Ok, I’m going to start shopping at Coles just for these,” another wrote.

“These looks dangerously delicious and bad news for my diet,” one online user said.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cakes were previously launched in the UK to mixed reviews. Some shoppers said the cakes were too dry, while others said they had too much filling.

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