Cadbury to release ‘low sugar’ chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Confectionery giant Cadbury is set to release a low-sugar Dairy Milk bar, with the healthier alternative to hit English supermarkets next year.

Prompted by a push from Public Healthy England (PHE) to reduce sugar levels by a fifth by 2020, Cadbury has one-upped the suggestion, reducing sugar levels by 30% in one of its most popular chocolate bars.

The low-sugar bar replaces sugar with more dietary fibre, while still keeping a similar taste, according to test groups.

It will go on sale from next year, Cadbury announced this week.

While other chocolate companies have replaced sugar content with artificial sweeteners, Cadbury has turned to science for a healthier snack.

“It’s very tricky to reformulate chocolate because it’s just cocoa, sugar and milk – and if you take one thing out, it changes the structure,” said Glenn Caton, President of northern Europe for Mondelez International – the company which bought Cadbury back in 2010.

“We’ve used fibre as an alternative to some of the sugar and found it doesn’t have a negative impact on the taste or structure.”

If you’re partial to a standard Dairy Milk chocolate bar however, there’s no need to worry if the new low-sugar version doesn’t tickle your taste buds, with the original version staying put on supermarket shelves. Both bars are expected to be priced the same.

“Consumers love original Cadbury Dairy Milk,” said Mr Caton. “We want to offer this as a choice, not as a replacement to people who want to treat themselves.

“We think offering 30% less sugar is a more balanced approach than doing something controversial than taking Cadbury Dairy Milk away.”

With sugar currently making up 23g of a 42g bar, a healthier alternative has been applauded by health officials.

“We’re pleased that Mondelez is the latest household name to commit to offering healthier products,” said chief nutritionist at PHE, Dr. Alison Tedstone.

“This announcement shows reducing sugar in chocolate confectionary is possible and we look forward to seeing further reductions across more of its confectionary range.”

While it is no doubt a step in the right direction, there are some who believe that the junk food giant could be doing even more.

“We’re surprised Cadbury is offering a new lower sugar chocolate bar yet not reformulating the whole of its product range,” said Kawther Hashem, nutritionist at Action on Sugar.

Is Cadbury low sugar coming to Australia?

While English shoppers may be able to enjoy the low-sugar option from next year, Australians might be left in the dark a little longer, with no global expansion stated at the time of writing. However, associate director of Everyday Chocolate, Paul Chatfield, has not ruled out the possibility.

“We’re always looking at products from across our global portfolio that we think Australians will love and will meet the taste preferences of local Cadbury fans,” he said.

Cadbury may find a tougher challenge in the Australian climate however, with supermarkets called out earlier in the year for advertising unhealthy foods and drinks at checkouts, in addition to the prevalence of junk food advertisements on television and in catalogues.

Regardless, if you can’t resist the occasional chocolate treat, this is no doubt one piece of news to keep an eye on.

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