Aussies going wild for new Caramel M&M’s

Australians are going wild over new caramel flavoured M&M’s!

After first going on sale in the US, stores across Australia – including Coles and Woolworths – are now selling the intriguing new treats, which are still only available in a handful of countries.

There are two size variants, including a single serve 40g pack at $2 and a medium 130g pouch at $4.25 for sharing with family and friends. Coles has been selling two 130g packs for a special price of $6.

“The wait is over. Red’s golden cousin from the US of A has finally arrived in Australia,” a statement from Woolworths read to announce the new snacks.

“M&M’s Caramel sees the M&M’s filled with a chewy, caramel centre, covered in the infamous colourful shell, offering a combination of flavour in every bite that’s sure to have Australians saying OMG every time.”

Mars, the US company behind the iconic M&M’s brand, isn’t shy about trying new things, with the likes of M&M’s in chocolate bar form, a Neapolitan flavour and even lamington flavour available in Australia in recent times.

And the new caramel flavour has got Aussies hooked already.

“We’ve had numerous Australians reach out to us and ask when they’ll see the product hit stores, and we’re happy to announce the wait is over,” said Cathy Knight, M&M’s marketing manager.

“Caramel is well loved by Aussies… we have no doubt that the delicious new flavour won’t disappoint.”

The new treats are proving a huge hit on social media.

“New Caramel M&M’s and OMG they’re amazing,” one Tweet read.

“Just bought Caramel M&M’s. I can never go back,” said another.

What about Crunchy Caramel M&M’s?

Satisfying sweet tooths since 1941, M&M’s already come in an array of editions, with peanut, crispy and banana split just a few of the options available in Australia.

Another recent release from M&M’s was seen in the UK, with limited edition Crunchy Caramel M&M’s going on sale.

As Caramel M&M’s have proven a massive hit with Aussies, maybe we’ll see the crunchy version coming here soon…

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