Disney+ collectables get Aussies spending more at Woolworths

Despite tightening household budgets, almost a third of Aussie families (31%) who are collecting Disney+ ooshies from Woolworths said they expect to spend more on groceries than normal during the promotion, new research from Canstar Blue has found.

Overall, two in five shoppers (40%) said they plan to collect the Disney+ collectables and 43% of those with kids even stated they will switch supermarkets to take advantage of the promotion.

The survey, of more than 1,400 adults, also found that close to half of respondents with children (46%) plan to collect all 36 Disney+ characters, whether it’s from earning them in store, swapping them with friends or buying them online.

Are ooshies ‘add-on’ value or just clever marketing?

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief, Simon Downes, said these kinds of supermarket campaigns will become the new norm, as consumers increasingly look to add value to their everyday shop.

“Not only do the supermarkets know these promotions work for them financially, but consumers are now starting to expect these types of value-add incentives for shopping at a particular store,” he said.

“Traditionally, most consumers simply shop at their closest supermarket, but collectables have changed the game and people are now prepared to drive further to get the rewards.

Disney+ Ooshies collection
All 36 Disney+ ooshies up for grabs at Woolworths.

“Most of us spend hundreds of dollars a week at the supermarket – especially families with kids – so it’s understandable that consumers want something extra for their money. The ‘problem’ is when you start spending more than you normally would in an effort to win your favourite collectable character. Enjoy the promotions and pocket the prizes, but try to keep the spending in check.”

Aussies play into ooshies mania

Although the Disney+ promotion is proving very popular, just 31% of those taking part believe it is the best collectables promotion of its kind from a supermarket, rising to 38% of respondents with children.

Woolies launched its Disney+ ooshies collectables in August, with customers eligible to redeem a free miniature character with every $30 spent in-store or online. Shoppers are now taking to social media in droves to share tips and tricks on how to score bonus ooshies in a single grocery shop.

What’s more, limited-edition glitter ooshies like Elsa, Woody, Captain Marvel and the Mandalorian are being listed for sale on eBay and other websites for thousands of dollars.

Disney+ Ooshies eBay
The Disney+ ooshies are appearing for sale online at huge prices.

Coles launched its Little Treehouse collectables campaign in July, whereby customers can redeem a free Little Treehouse book with every $30 purchase at Coles supermarkets, Coles Express and Coles Online.

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