Donut King ruled Australia’s No.1 coffee shop chain


donuts and coffeeAustralia’s major cities have hundreds of places for you to settle down with a quality cup of coffee and a tasty treat. Even small towns will have their fair share of coffee houses to fulfil your caffeine fix and provide the perfect setting for you to pass the time. So how do you decide where to spend your hard-earned money?

Canstar Blue’s 2015 customer satisfaction ratings for coffee shop chains saw Donut King reign supreme, taking the title from Muffin Break after a three-year winning run.

Doughnuts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the chain has been focussed on improving its coffee offering in recent times – and it seems to have paid off. So we spoke to Jessica Roberts from Retail Food Group about Donut King’s award success.

Q: Many Aussies love doughnuts, but can you tell us about how you meet their demands. How many doughnuts could a busy store expect to produce in a single day and what are the most popular flavours?

A: On a daily basis our busy stores sell hundreds of donuts, our warm cinnamon donuts being the perennial favourite. Our range of decorated donuts are always a hit, with something for everyone, from chocolate crocodiles to our white choc marble.

Q: Our survey found great-tasting coffee to be the biggest driver of satisfaction for consumers who visit coffee shop chains. Can you tell us about your range of coffees and how much importance is placed on serving quality drinks as well as tasty treats?

A: We are in a very coffee-focused market. We know that our customers visit us for a break and a sweet treat, so our coffee blend is specially designed to pair well with sweet treats, like donuts.

doughnutssssCoffee is a growing part of our business, we offer a full suite of espresso based coffees, as well as flavoured coffees. Our Royal Bean coffee is prepared by trained, highly skilled baristas and is made up of a unique blend of coffee beans roasted right here in Australia.

Coffee, and other beverages, have always been a part of our offering, but increasingly customers are looking for new and on-trend inclusions for their treats. We are always looking at ways to give customers another fun product. Watch this space.

Q: Quality drinks and food are important, but good customer service is also crucial. As the only brand to achieve a five-star rating for service, can you tell us: what makes good customer service and how important is it?

A: It is important to us as a national brand to maintain consistency throughout our stores so our customers keep coming back for delicious treats and beverages. Franchisee training is a key focus to achieving consistency. We offer high quality training to our franchisees and ongoing support throughout the year, to ensure we deliver on consumer expectations.

Our brand is all about being fun and interacting with our customers, and we like to be able to create those special moments for customers who want to take a break and enjoy a sweet treat.

Q: Donut King was also the only brand to score top marks for its loyalty program. So can you tell us about it?

A: We provide our customers with our coffee loyalty cards that can be used at any Donut King store. Every time a customer purchases a coffee, they receive one stamp, and for every sixth coffee purchased, our customers receive a free coffee. Our loyalty program is quite simple but very effective at creating long-term customer loyalty.

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