New Freddo Frogs flavour alert! Hint: it rhymes with ‘fineapple’

A new flavour of Freddo Frog chocolates has been spotted in supermarkets and shoppers are already going wild for it.

The iconic Cadbury chocolate treat now comes in a ‘Tropical Pineapple’ flavour − currently on sale at Coles and Big W. It’s described as a ‘milk chocolate with a pineapple flavoured centre’ and made in Tasmania. The new Freddos are available in share packs of 12 pieces and are currently half-price at Coles for $2.50. The Woolworths website currently lists the item as ‘temporarily unavailable’.

Freddo Frogs social media

News of the latest release has already made the rounds online and it’s safe to say the majority of social media users are big fans.

“Omg I was being so good with chocolate, but not after I find these,” one Facebook user said.

“Had some today and so yummy!” another wrote.

A third person wrote: “Yum, need to get me some of those.”

Need we say more?

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