Golden Gaytime ice cream now comes in ‘bites’

Just when we thought Golden Gaytime couldn’t get any better − the cult favourite ice cream now comes in ‘bites’ to share… or not.

The Streets Golden Gaytime Bites are said to be a first Down Under and come in a resealable packet. Each packet contains 16 mini Gaytime ice creams. Golden Gaytime Bites are available exclusively from Woolworths for $11. The new take on the iconic Aussie treat is ‘perfect for sharing’ according to the slogan on the packaging.

Shoppers and fans of Golden Gaytime have already taken to social media to share their excitement.

“Why have a bite when you can have a whole box/tub?” one person jokingly said.

“This is my greatest dream,” another wrote.

“I love how the box says perfect for sharing… as if…they’re all mine!” one commenter said.

This follows the launch of Golden Gaytime popcorn last year, which came in two flavours − original and chocolate.

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