Healthiest options at your favorite fast food restaurants


Tasty Healthy BurgersIf you love your takeaways but worry about all those calories, worry not. Here at Canstar Blue we have put together some top tips for reducing the unhealthiest components of your favourite meals. You’re welcome…

N.B. Menu options current at time of print.


Here’s the skinny on healthy ordering options from Subway:

  • The dressing / topping with the lowest energy (kilojoules) content is the hot chilli sauce. Fewest carbs? Ranch. Least fat (total)? A tie between tomato and BBQ sauce.
  • Cheese is the bees’ but skipping it can take more than 300kJ of energy off your order, or more than 25 grams of fat.
  • Generally, the wraps are a little lighter than Subway’s sandwich options. Plus, you can still enjoy your favourite fillings!

Sushi Train

Avoiding anything fried will go a long way to trimming your waistline. Try to pick up plates of food predominantly sporting lean seafood (e.g. tuna or salmon), or perhaps enjoy a vegetarian roll. In terms of which rolls are the leanest:

  • The Kanpyo and Ume Q rolls both have no fat
  • The Soft Shell Crab, Dragon and Tuna Salad & Tomato Rolls all have less than 600kJ of energy.
  • The Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Tiger Rolls all have the highest protein content on the menu (11 grams each).


Weight-conscious Australians can enjoy McDonald’s grilled warm chicken salad, which has 644kJ of energy and 21 grams of protein. You could also try one of McDonald’s famous Hamburgers, which appear to be the burgers with the least kJ on the menu (979). Much like our tip for Subway’s sandwiches, you can always ask for your order to come without cheese, sauce or other additions in an effort to stay trim.


Try one of Nando’s salads to track down a meal that is relatively stocked with goodness. For something more substantial, the Classic Chicken Pita is quite well balanced, as are Nando’s two wrap choices (neither of which are more than 1,250 kJ).


Oporto’s Bondi Burger with chilli is 1,530 kJ strong, which is much less than some of the brand’s other burger options. Alternatively, the RappSnacker (a chicken wrap) without sauce is only 1,600 kJ.

Hungry Jack’s

A four-pack of chicken nuggets will reward you with 650 kJ of energy, with a cheeseburger adding another 1,311 kJ. For something a bit fresher, the small and medium sized smoothie options are both less than 1,000 kJ, making them a good alternative to your standard burger and fries order.


Either the Chicken Salad Twister (another wrap) or the Original Fillet Burger will serve as some of the more reasonable options at KFC, both weighing in at less than 1,700 kJ.

Red Rooster

There’s lots of protein in a whole chicken from Red Rooster (220 grams), which is perfect for anyone needing to “bulk up”. You could also ask for some delicious corn on the cob or peas, sans butter, and you’ll be getting one of your five a day as well.

Now that you know how to trim down the calorie count, you need to find out which places are offering the highest rates of customer satisfaction. Luckily, our Quick Service Restaurants survey results will tell you everything you need to know.

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