Heinz releases scented candles that smell like an Aussie BBQ

Forget floral and fruity scents ─ nothing radiates the whiff of summer better than a good ‘ol BBQ . Thankfully, Heinz has dished up its own saucy range of Aussie BBQ-scented candles, so that you can now savour the meaty aroma of a juicy burger or Bunnings snags all-year long.

Heinz scented candles

There are three BBQ-inspired candles to choose from, each available for $20 and served with a side of classic Heinz sauce (of course!).

Heinz Backyard BBQ scented candle

For folks wanting a classic fragrance with a unique bite, why not chew on the Heinz Aussie BBQ Scented Candle? The bundle also features Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Lovers Aoli.

Heinz sausage sizzle scented candleIf a sausage sizzle is your main squeeze, there’s the Heinz Sausage Sizzle Scented Candle. The bundle additionally offers Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Heinz Mustard.

Heinz Beef Burger scented candles

Lastly, the collection includes the Aussie Beef Burger Scented Candle bundle. It’s topped off with Heinz Original Burger Sauce and Heinz Seriously Good Mayonaise.

You can get a taste of any of these exclusive bundles through the Heinz to Home website.

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