Aussies get more pork on their fork, but beef is still king

Beef remains Australia’s favourite fresh meat, but pork is making a comeback thanks to TV advertising campaigns and supermarket promotions, according to new sales figures.

Despite a slight drop in sales over the last year, fresh beef still accounts for close to one-third of all meat sales in Australia, with overall meat sales also dropping slightly between 2016 and 2017.

The amount of chicken and lamb sold over the period was also down, but pork sales increased by almost 6%, Nielsen Homescan data shows.

Despite the sales growth, pork still makes up less than 10% of overall meat market share, with processed meat and chicken following behind beef in popularity.

“Shoppers are buying less meat overall than the previous year, with research finding that younger and older Australians are interested in buying healthier food options, restricting fattening foods and are also exploring vegetarianism,” the Nielsen report said.

The research company said that pork’s sales growth can likely be attributed to marketing campaigns and supermarket promotions.

“The 6-2-2 campaign, which educated consumers on the best way to cook and enjoy pork, aimed to draw attention to the “other” meat option for dinner. Lamb and pork are battling out against each other as the two major “other” meats, after beef and chicken, so price point and awareness raising campaigns are important to inform shopper decisions,” Nielsen said.

In the last year, close to 50% of pork was sold on promotion, up from 42.5% in the previous period, the latest data shows.

“With promotion playing a large part in shopper impulse buying decisions, and pork being noticeably cheaper than lamb over the past three quarters, there has been greater opportunity for purchase across all demographic groups,” Nielsen said. “Australians love a good bargain, and when perusing the aisles, the question of which meat to grab for the stir fry can be swayed by a deep discount.

“At the same time, lamb experienced a slight decrease in promotions, and with lamb, beef and pork all sitting at a similar average price point (around $12), pork won out with prices trending as low as $11.10.”

Australia’s favourite BBQ foods

A recent Canstar Blue survey identified steak as being Australia’s favourite type of barbecue food, with 37% of respondents declaring it number one. It was followed in second place by sausages (16%), ahead of chops and cutlets (9%), kebabs and skewers (8%) and burgers (7%).

Steak was found to be most popular in Queensland (45%) and least popular in Victoria (29%). Chops and cutlets were most popular in South Australia (15%) where just 5% of survey respondents declared sausages their favourite barbie food. Victorians were found to be the biggest fans of burgers (13%), with sausages most popular in Western Australia (21%).

But whatever type of meat Aussies prefer, almost half of those surveyed (49%) said they don’t use their barbecue as much as they thought they would, with a quarter (26%) admitting it was an impulse purchase.

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