PSA: Ritz crackers now come in choc & vanilla flavours

Fancy some Ritz crackers with cheese? We’ve heard the news of a better combo. Ritz crackers sandwiching a chocolate cream (or vanilla)!

This is not a drill. Ritz has released two new sweet and salty products in its cracker sandwich range βˆ’ chocolate, and vanilla.

Ritz crackers choc & vanilla

Ritz salted caramel

Both new flavours are available at Woolworths for $2 for a family pack box (160g), as well as at various IGA stores and independent supermarkets. Oh, and did we mention the salted caramel flavour?

Other sweet options in the Ritz cracker range include seasonal Ritz fudge-covered crackers and snowflake crackers.

Picture credits: Ritz.

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