Solutions for the dairy-free in a cheese lover’s world


looking at cheeseWhen I first found out I was intolerant to lactose and milk proteins, and began the slow tumble down the dairy-free rabbit hole, I bitterly missed my favourite foods. Would I never eat cheese, or cheesecake, or chocolate again?

Smooth, creamy, delicious baked cheesecake. Tangy lemon cream tarts. Bavarian chocolate mudcake…

If you’re in the lactose-free or gluten-free camp with me, never fear! There is hope yet – alternatives exist to all of our favourite dairy cravings. Here are a few of the amazing food choices and recipes I’ve found in my travels:


Soy cheese! Goes great on pizza or crackers. Be warned, it tastes like mild cheese, so tasty or vintage cheese lovers may be disappointed. Maybe next year we’ll rate some soy cheeses along with block cheese.


The dairy-free, gluten-free cheesecake is nuts – literally! It’s made almost entirely of nuts such as cashews and almonds, which you chuck in the blender. Jamie Oliver’s recipe is coconut-flavoured, or you can choose from blueberry, caramel, or peanut butter if you go with the Minimalist Baker’s recipe.


If you ask me, soy milk is manna sent from heaven. If you’re not a soy fan, almond milk does the same job.


We’ve heard of a carob craze going around, but any of the 70% or higher dark chocolates will do. These dark chocolates are made on cocoa butter instead of milk and cream. You can make your own dark chocolate, and it doesn’t even take that long… Chocolate coma, anyone?

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