‘Eggs-travagant’ Easter treats available in supermarkets NOW

Aussies are spoilt for choice this Easter, with some sweet chocolate goodies already hitting supermarkets shelves. Shoppers will be happy to know there are plenty of returning seasonal favourites, but for those brave enough to ‘whisk it’, there are some ‘egg-citing’ new treats on the block. Whether you’re partial to a relaxing toasty hot cross bun, or you’re the reigning Easter egg hunt champion, there are plenty of goodies popping up on the supermarket shelves to keep your Easter extra cheerful. Canstar Blue has put together a tasty list of options, so you won’t be caught out empty handed this Easter.

ALDI Easter treats

ALDI is well known for its Special Buys and seasonal products, including its Easter range, which is only available for a limited time during the season. This year’s haul includes luxurious hot cross buns, classically flavoured eggs, and a jumbo chocolate egg bag (perfect for the big hunt).

Millionaire Hot Cross Buns: Hot cross buns with salted caramel candy, choc fudge and chocolate chips − $2.99

ALDI Millionaire Hot Cross Buns

Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs: These are crispy shelled eggs, covered in chocolate and filled with Ferrero Rocher’s signature filling − $4.99

Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs

Moser Roth Eggs: A collection of Aldi’s classic Moser Roth chocolate, packaged up into an Easter egg. Flavours include hazelnut almonds, milk chocolate truffle and crispy hazelnut crème − $2.99

Moser Roth Finest Easter Eggs

Candy Collection Egg: Perfect for parents who are trying to avoid a chocolate overload, the Candy Collection Egg features characters from Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony and PJ Masks. Each egg contains a collectable character, a sticker, and a lolly − $1.99

Candy Collection Egg

Dairy Fine Milk Big Easter Egg Bag: The Dairy Fine Milk Big Easter Egg Bag is designed for those who are serious about their Easter egg hunt. It includes 50 Easter eggs in Dairy Fine flavours − $8.99

Dairy Fine Milk Chocolate Big Easter Egg Bag 500g

Woolworths Easter treats

Woolworths has pulled out all the stops this year to bring you some absolute Easter stunners. Special mentions go out to a never-before-seen Bubble O’bill collaboration, a lolly-packed chocolate egg, and the return of an Australian favourite – the fundraising chocolate Bilby.

Chocolatier Bubble O’bill Milk Chocolate Easter Egg: An egg the world has been waiting for – inspired by the iconic Bubble O’bill ice cream. It’s made up of berry and caramel pieces in milk chocolate and complete with five bubble gum noses inside, so you don’t even need to go digging for the main prize − $10.00

• Chocolatier Bubble O’bill Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Allen’s Retro Party Mix Chocolate Easter Egg: A giant Easter egg meets Allen’s Retro Party Mix to deliver the ideal treat for those who can’t between chocolate and lollies − $10.00

Allen's Retro Party Mix Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Allen’s Freckles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Box: It is technically a gift box, but you might want to keep this one for yourself. It’s a big egg filled with Allen’s Freckles, what more could you want? − $10.00

Allen's Freckles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Box

Nestle After Eight Chocolate Easter Bunny: It may be a divisive flavour but for those who love mint, After Eights are a must-have − bringing together refreshing peppermint with milk chocolate − $4.00

Nestle After Eight Chocolate Easter Bunny

Darrell Lea Bilby Milk Chocolate: The Bilby is back! The classic Darrell Lea Bilby Milk Chocolate is the perfect Easter treat, especially when you consider that 20c from every purchase goes straight to the Save The Bilby Fund −$4.50

Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Bilby 100g

Coles Easter treats

Coles shoppers will be pleased to know that there is something for every taste this Easter, including some nice vegan options, a dairy-free chocolate bunny as well as some retro treats that are sure to make the whole family happy – including Fruit Tingle and Clinker flavours!

Sweet William Hollow Chocolate Bunny: Sweet William provides a range of vegan options in its original chocolate flavour, to make sure those with dietary requirements don’t miss out on all the Easter fun − $12.50

• Sweet William Hollow Chocolate Bunny

Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Nougat Easter Egg: Packed with egg-coloured nougat and covered in chocolate, the Darrell Lea Nougat Egg shakes up the traditional Easter egg − $7.00

• Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Nougat Easter Egg

Easter Belgian Dino Egg: A rich, Belgium chocolate egg with a matching chocolate dinosaur hiding inside −

aster Belgian Dino Egg

Cadbury Clinkers Egg & Bunny: Cadbury has teamed up with Pascall to bring you an egg packed with treats. It includes one large chocolate egg and four smaller chocolate bunnies, made with colourful Pascall Clinker pieces − $10.00

Cadbury Clinkers Egg & Bunny:

Life Savers Fruit Tingle Milk Chocolate Bunny: A serving of Darrell Lea’s classic milk chocolate studded with Fruit Tingle pieces to fizz up every bite − $6.50

• Life Savers Fruit Tingle Milk Chocolate Bunny

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