Tea drinkers: The different types


tea drinkersLots of people love tea. After water, it’s the most highly consumed drink in the world. And with so many tea drinkers, everyone has their own way of preparing and drinking their favourite cuppa.

Here are just a few types of tea drinkers that I’ve met. Maybe you’ll recognise your family, friends, or maybe even your own ‘tea type’.

Your average drinker

One with breakfast, one after lunch, and another in the evening; did you know that the average tea drinker has three cups of tea per day? Well, more like 2.7, but it’s close enough.

Our latest survey on tea shows that black tea is most popular overall with Australians, closely followed by English breakfast. Green tea is the most popular of all teas amongst people aged 18-29.

The tea snob

No teabags for this friend, they only like tea brewed the right way; in the teapot with a warm cup and the ready, complete with saucer.

It will have to be brewed for the exact duration of two minutes for a perfect flavour – not too strong and not too weak – with just a splash of milk. Also, it has to be in their favourite cup or it just isn’t the same.

Like coffee people who hate instant coffee, this one isn’t a fan of teabags. Turns out it’s not just coffee snobs who like to be specific…

The obsessive

You drop by for a visit and are immediately asked if you want a cup of tea. But which do you pick when there are 10 different types in their pantry?

This is the friend that has mugs all over the house, and is probably a little too hopped up on all the caffeine. Nevertheless, you can always count on them for a delicious brew and a quality chat.

The snacker

You can’t have tea without cake or at the very least a bikkie or two. You can count on them to throw a quality afternoon tea, because there is almost always cake involved. You can’t have a bad time when there’s cake! After all, who doesn’t love a sweet treat with their tea? This is the friend who’s definitely doing everything right.

The sweet tooth

Whether it’s sugar or honey, it’s a surprise that they have any teeth left, considering the amount of sugar that goes in their cup. Three scoops? Would you like tea with your boiled sugar water?

Milk first

This person is not your friend; they are making tea all wrong.

The ‘do it by halves’

They have never finished a cup of tea in their entire life. Whenever you stop by their place, you’ll find at least two mugs that are half-empty and are holding cold tea.

In the past you’ve considered collecting and re-boiling the unfinished tea because there is enough there for another cup or two. Even if you made them half a cup of tea, they would still leave a bit behind! Seriously, why don’t they ever finish their cup of tea?

The coffee drinker

Despite being populated by many tea drinkers, Australia is primarily a nation of coffee snobs. There is one in every tea drinking crowd who will only drink coffee, always politely declining your offer of tea.


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