What is a Turducken?

With the holiday season fast approaching, thousands of Aussies have started planning what they’re going to make for Christmas lunch and other festivities – for many, some of the most extravagant meals of the year.

Whilst the traditional turkey is no slouch when cooked well, a recent and faintly ridiculous alternative has emerged from the US: The turducken.

turkey 1

A turducken is essentially a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck, which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey – hence the name turducken, a portmanteau of turkey, duck and chicken.

In addition to the huge amount of poultry, a turducken usually contains stuffing, spices, nuts and fruit to fill cavities within the birds. The sheer amount of meat means a turducken usually serves at least 15 or so people and takes roughly four hours to roast, so make sure you start cooking early!

There are several popular variations on the turducken, such as the ‘ducken’ which omits the turkey, and the ‘gooducken’ which swaps the turkey for a goose. It’s possible to go for even crazier variations, such as a ‘pigturducken’, which is self-explanatory – though it might be a bit too big for the lunch table!

If you’re looking to get your hands on a turducken, you can either make one yourself, or order one from a specialised butcher. A handmade one will be cheaper, but also a lot more labour-intensive to source and prepare all the ingredients.

Conversely, a handful of butchers will sell ready-to-cook turduckens, usually seasoned and topped with a glaze or marinade to give it that extra flavour – but be prepared to pay a fairly hefty price.

Enjoy your meal.

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