Drool: Woolworths launches garlic bread flavoured roast chook!

Oh. Em. Gee. Woolworths has combined two Aussie favourites − garlic bread and roast chicken − to dish out a sizzling addition to its deli section – garlic bread flavoured hot chooks! Yep, you read that right.

The Woolies garlic bread seasoned roast chicken is now available under the heat lamps in the deli for just $11.50. It’s a few bucks more than the classic variety, but that’s because it’s apparently slightly bigger. Fingers crossed. The new roast chook is complete with a garlic bread stuffing and seasoned with a special garlic salt.

Woolworths’ garlic bread roast chicken is RSPCA approved and 100% Australian. The supermarket chain’s hot chooks were rated four stars out of five for freshness and value for money in our supermarket roast chickens review.

The new flavour roast chicken is part of a new ready-to-eat roast meats range designed for families looking for hearty, convenient meals in winter, according to Woolworths’ Director of Fresh Food, Paul Harker.

“Our team of food innovator chefs have worked tirelessly over the last few months to combine some meal favourites to create new flavours for the dinner table, including pairing our popular chicken roast with garlic bread seasoning,” he said.

Woolworths garlic bread hot chook

“With the middle of winter now upon us, families are looking for new inspiration when it comes to creating hearty, convenient and affordable meals that don’t compromise on taste or freshness.”

Woolies’ new ready-to-eat roast meats range also includes roast pork loins with crackling ($22), beef brisket with BBQ sauce ($17), and boneless chicken roast with pumpkin stuffing ($14).

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