Simple hack to save time browsing aisles at the supermarket

Have you ever had to zigzag between multiple supermarkets aisles to find different items? Same. Well, Woolworths has shared a simple trick you can use to avoid all that walking around and save time at the supermarket.

In a ‘hack of the week’ video posted to TikTok, Woolies revealed how you can sort shopping lists by aisles in the store’s app (in the top left corner).

@woolworths_au So much more time to play wordle #hacks #woolies ♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

You can start by adding items to a shopping list in the Woolworths app, then select ‘shop in store’ on the home page and pick your store location.

When in-store, find your shopping list in the app and select sort by ‘aisle location’ in the drop-down menu, and all your items will be sorted by which aisle they’re in, saving you from having to re-visit multiple aisles to find different items.

‘Keeps you on track for grabbing what you need and gets you out of the store in a flash,’ the voiceover in the clip said.

Shoppers were quick to comment on the now viral video, labelling the hack ‘genius’.

“Wow, this is much easier than when I do it manually,” one person wrote.

“I do this and it’s legit,” another said.

The Coles mobile app doesn’t yet feature that option but does have a ‘favourites’ tab where you can save your favourite grocery items and a ‘lists’ tab where you can create a shopping list you can re-use.

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