New Woolworths sale stickers spark debate online

Woolworths has made a change to its sale stickers and the move has already sparked debate on social media.

The ‘Fresh Food People’ supermarket has introduced new electronic shelf labels for sale items in select stores to reduce paper and better manage staff resources − but some customers aren’t happy about it.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed the change to an electronic version of sale stickers was part of a trial launched 12 months ago and that e-stickers could be rolled out nationally.

“These electronic labels are designed to reduce paper, update the latest prices and specials in real-time, and reduce manual ticketing to allow our team to focus on serving customers and replenishing shelves,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

Facebook spot Woolies tags

Shoppers were quick to share their disapproval on social media over the new yellow tags which are now the same size as the full-price price tags and therefore harder to spot than the original larger yellow stickers that usually hang over the top.

One customer posted on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page: “Not liking the sale signs at Woolworths. You have to look really hard to see them,” the woman wrote.

“I only noticed because I knew Cenovis vitamins were half price but I couldn’t see any tags. It wasn’t until I looked closely that I saw they are no longer hanging over the original but replacing the original. DO NOT LIKE,” she continued.

The post prompted other shoppers to share their thoughts, with some calling the new electronic sale tags ‘pesky.’

“As someone who’s colour blind and has bad eyes, I actually browse to see long tags, not stop to look at a million tiny tags to see what’s on sale. But that’s what they’re doing, making you stop and shop,” one person said.

“Some of the newer stores near me use these and I just don’t shop there because of those pesky tiny tickets,” another wrote.

However, some shoppers welcomed the change.

“I like it, they won’t get ripped off like the hanging ones. You have no idea how many people ask me if something is on special when the rest of the same brand is because one doesn’t have a ticket,” one wrote.

“It’s all about better for the environment and saving paper usage,” another said.

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