6 styles of facial hair

There are many options available for guys who want to try out new styles of facial follicles. Different facial hair styles work well for different face shapes, so consider test-driving a few of these before settling on one.

  1. The standard full beard – for guys who can grow one, this style can work really well, keeping in mind that there’s a fine line between sophisticated ruggedness and looking careless and scruffy. However even if maintained and kept neat, a beard can still be viewed as looking unprofessional, so it’s worth considering other styles before committing to a full beard. This style is good for men who may want to conceal a soft jawline, or soften sharp facial features
  1. 5 o’clock shadow/full-face stubble – the less risky little brother of the beard, this style is just as masculine as the previous style, but is generally more professional looking, and as such is more appropriate for an office or a workplace. However as with the beard, care must be taken to stay on the right side of the line between rugged and lazy. This style is good for men who don’t want to conceal a strong jawline, but dislike having a clean-shaven babyface.
  1. The circle beard – a mustache connected to a rounded goatee, the circle beard is a good choice for those who want a more prominent facial hair style without covering their entire face/jaw. It also strikes a good balance between youth and maturity, having the potential to look just as classy for a man of any age. As with the previous styles, it’s important to keep the style defined and the rest of the face clean shaven, or your class will turn to slobbery before your eyes. This style can be good for adding length to a round face, however if not groomed properly it can do the exact opposite and add weight to the face.
  1. The goatee – a small chin beard, the goatee is a style that requires a great deal of care to pull off, however can suit a few different faces and hairstyles. A thin goatee will appear clean-cut and will soften up the angles on a square-ish face. A fuller goatee will work well on older men, as it can be longer and bristlier; however maintenance is still required to avoid looking scruffy. The full goatee is good for squaring up a round face, or adding width to a face with a narrow jaw/chin.
  1. The soul patch – people frequently poke fun at this style of beard, however it can look good on certain individuals. It doesn’t really lend itself to, or take away from any specific face shapes due to its relatively small sized, but men with triangular faces can generally pull one off pretty well.
  1. The Handlebar Mustache – the mention of this facial hair style generally conjures the image of an old man with a huge bushy mustache going off the sides of his head, however the modern incarnation of this style isn’t quite as ridiculous as that. Kept trimmed and styled with wax, the handlebar mustache can actually be quite a fashionable looking style, as long as it’s kept small and under control. This style is best for square and triangle-shaped faces, complementing the width of the former and adding broadness to the latter.

So before you go clean-shaven for the third time this month, it might be worth considering one of these styles to change up your appearance.

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