Health & Beauty

What is “dry shaving”?

Posted by March 1st 2018

When it comes to shaving, both men and women are generally in the habit of using a shaving cream or lotion, to keep their skin soft and unblemished

Insects have a family tree, too

Posted by May 23rd 2018

Many insect species are more than 400 million years in the making - so maybe think twice before reaching for the bug spray

Have you had your skin checked lately?

Posted by March 1st 2018

The weather is beginning to warm up and we're starting to stash our winter clothes until next year. Now is a great time to get a skin health check!

Dab and Drive

Made up with our choices

Posted by April 26th 2016

Whether it’s laid on thick or dabbed on for special occasions, many of us like to wear foundation. So, how are we commonly using this magical makeup?