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Australia fails dental report card with poor oral health

Posted by December 21st 2018

Australia has failed its first national oral health check-up, with data showing almost half of adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day. The Oral Health Tracker report, released by the Australian Dental Association and the …

Aussies still in the dark over when to use sunscreen

Posted by November 20th 2018

The majority of Australians are still in the dark about when they need to start applying sunscreen and protect themselves from harmful UV rays, new research shows. The Cancer Council Australia's National Sun Protection survey revealed that …

New test reveals your chances of getting skin cancer

Posted by November 20th 2018

Queensland researchers have designed a new online tool that can predict your chances of developing skin cancer over the next three years. The QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane has launched the online test based …

Can standing desks really help you lose weight?

Posted by May 10th 2018

A few years ago, if you asked your boss for a standing desk you likely would have been met with a blank stare. Nowadays, standing desks have become the norm, filling office spaces around the …

Sunglasses Buying Guide

How to choose the safest sunglasses

Posted by May 29th 2019

Shades aren’t just for looking hot – nor are they just for when the weather’s hot. Which sunnies stack up best when it comes to sun safety?

Sunscreen Ingredients Explained

Sunscreen Ingredients Explained

Posted by October 23rd 2019

Sunscreen ingredients shouldn’t be harmful but needs to withstand harsh UV radiation. So what’s really in your sunscreen? Find out at Canstar Blue.