Do you know your hair type? You should!

Do you know your hair type? You need to know so that you can take care of it like it really needs. Here’s our guide to the most widely-used classification system, created by Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker.

There are 4 categories of straight-to-curly patterns when it comes to hair type.

Straight hair

  • Fine / thin: Very soft and shiny. Hard to hold a curl. Tends to get oily quickly. Hard to damage, thankfully.
  • Medium: Lots of body, more volume than thin hair.
  • Coarse: Hard to curl, bone straight hair.

Wavy hair

  • Wavy: Has a defined “S” pattern wave. Can hold many different styles. Hair sticks close to the head. Easy to style and handle.
  • Curly: Hair tends to be frizzy. Resistant to styling.
  • Whirly: Thicker waves. Resistant to styling. Hair tends to be frizzy.

Curly hair

  • Twirly: Thick and full, lots of body. Has a defined “S” pattern. Hair tends to be frizzy. Texture can vary.
  • Spirally: Medium curls. Texture can vary.
  • Coily: Tight corkscrew curls. These curls can be kinky, or very tightly curled. Hair is very thick.

Coily / kinky hair

  • Springy: Tight coils. Hair is very fragile and easily breakable. Defined curly pattern.
  • Crimpy: Tight coils. Hair is very fragile and easily breakable.
  • Ziggly: Probably looks identical to crimpy hair most of the time, but there is no definition because the curls are so tightly kinked.

Take the naturally curly hair type quiz if you’re not sure what your hair type is after reading this guide, and read more about your hair type. Their website can then recommend what type of styling and haircare products you should be using, and a Style LookBook for your type.

If you’d love to look like you have fine, straight hair even though you really have springy hair with tight coils, never fear – there are many different ways to achieve this, as long as you take care of your hair. For the easiest solution, find out which hair straightener brands Australian customers are most satisfied with by checking out our customer satisfaction ratings.

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