Is facial hair still trendy?

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It seems beards, moustaches and goatees might not be a trendy as you think, with a new survey finding that the majority of Australian men pay little or no attention to their facial hair, while women are split down the middle over whether or not facial hair is attractive.

Canstar Blue surveyed more than 600 adults who have purchased a new electric shaver in the last two years. It found that 48% of men shave every day, but just one third (33%) actually enjoy doing it, with 31% regularly suffering with irritated skin afterwards.

That probably explains why only 32% of men take care sculpting their facial hair and 17% consider it their best feature, said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes.

“The majority of men who own an electric shaver favour it over using disposable razors, but you really need an appliance that’s up to the job and takes care of your skin,” he said. “It’s difficult to take pride in something if it’s hard yards.

“Australians are split down the middle between those who get by with cheap shavers and those who invest in quality appliances. Those who own the cheap shavers are likely to be the same people who complain about having irritated skin and are less likely to take pride in their facial hair. A man is only as good as his tools and you can’t expect to be trendy if you don’t have the right equipment.”

Male survey respondents were also asked if they look to celebrities for facial hair inspiration. Overall just 16% said they do, but that number jumped to 34% of those aged 18-29. That age group was also most likely to say their facial hair is their best feature (36%).

Of the women surveyed, 27% shave every day, while the same number as men (33%) enjoy it and 39% often suffer with irritated skin afterwards. Meanwhile 50% of women said they find men with facial hair attractive.

Which electric shavers are rated highest?

The feedback of consumers formed Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for electric shavers, with four leading brands going head to head. Philips was the only one to achieve a five-star rating for overall satisfaction, as well as value for money, ease of use, performance, consistent results, ease of cleaning and warranty.

“Braun topped the ratings in 2014, but Philips has recently relaunched its range of top end electric shavers, with even more emphasis on cleaning efficiency and warranty, and those efforts seems to have been reflected in these results,” said Mr Downes.

“Electric shavers are evolving and becoming easier to use, with some now safe to use in the shower. Ultimately though consumers want shavers that deliver consistent and comfortable results, and those who own a Philips model clearly think they’re getting a good deal. Whether they want to be a hipster or not is entirely up to them.”

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