Running Wild: Mixing up your jogging workout

Running at the fitness clubIt doesn’t matter if you jog for relaxation, keeping trim, or for the self-satisfaction of beating your best time; it’s important to mix up your exercise routine to stay motivated and challenged. Here are a few ideas on how you can spice up your workout for the better.

Switch from the outdoors to a treadmill, or vice versa

Did you know that treadmills are designed for better shock absorption from constant running? By comparison, roads and footpaths are not kind to runners’ legs. Instead of ‘pounding the pavement’, try switching to a treadmill a couple of days a week to save your legs some grief.

By the same token, you may see your workout a whole lot differently if you go out for a change of scenery. Running outside can bring new joys to familiar workouts, so take a running tour of your neighbourhood occasionally.

Barefoot running

While sports shoes are designed to absorb a lot of punishment, you may wish to explore alternative forms of footwear. For example, many swear that barefoot running can be better for your running form and your feet if you can get past the initial discomfort. You can buy barefoot running shoes (that resemble gloves for feet) to protect your feet from injuries. Make sure you read up on this branch of running beforehand to ensure you don’t injure yourself.

Set new goals

For those who plod along the same running route every day, maybe it’s time to set yourself a new challenge. Try and set a new record for your fastest kilometre or mile, or start training for a fun run or marathon. Maybe you’ve never tried cross country training, or bushwalking – now’s the time to have a go at it.

The main point here is, experiment with your exercise routine to keep yourself invested in your fitness and wellbeing.

What does your weekly exercise routine consist of?

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