Which is the most popular form of exercise at the gym?

Cardio Is PopularMore surveyed gym members rely on ‘cardio’ workouts than any other activity, according to our recent survey results. While cardio was the weapon of choice in most gym members’ fitness arsenal, other exercises also made the cut:

  • a little more than half utilise weight machines in their workouts (e.g. bench press, leg press),
  • two in five enjoy using free weights (e.g. dumbbells, kettlebells),
  • a little more than a third attend group classes (e.g. yoga, spin class), and
  • 14% run their mouth off, chiefly enjoying socialising at the gym.

Close to half of the women surveyed take part in classes, while nearly three in five men were most interested in using the weight machines.

While it’s tempting to excel in a single area, you may reap richer health rewards from a more holistic exercise regime. In her article detailing the benefits of working out, ABC’s Maryke Steffens asked an exercise physiologist what the average Australian should be doing to keep fit. They suggested that healthy individuals should develop ‘cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility’ by taking part in different types of workouts.

But what about finding the right health club to best improve your fitness? That’s a job for us, as every year we compare and rate Australian gym brands to help you find a place to get ‘pumped’. Here are our 2014 results.

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