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Keeping track of your calorie and nutrient intakes is a difficult thing to do. Regardless of whether you cook your own food or buy your meals out, guessing what’s in your food is often impossible to get right. Fortunately, this task has been made significantly easier in the smartphone era with the arrival of countless health and fitness applications.

Calorie (or kilojoule) counting applications take the guesswork out of improving your diet. Equipped with huge databases of food and drink nutrient breakdowns, these apps allow you to record what you consume each day and see just how much energy and nutrition you’ve been taking in. Many apps let you set daily intake targets that align with your goals – whether it’s losing fat, building muscle or just maintaining – as well as logging exercise, recording your weight and body fat levels and even looking up healthy recipes. Here are five of our favourite diet apps to help you choose the best tool for your lifestyle.


One of the top digital health apps, MyFitnessPal claims to have the largest food database of any calorie-counting service. The app lets you set your target weight, log your food intake and weight every day in a virtual diary, enter a range of strength or cardiovascular exercises, and track your progress using easy-to-read graphs. In addition, MyFitnessPal can connect and share data with a wide range of third-party health apps for both nutrition and exercise.


An app specifically dedicated to helping you lose weight sustainably, Noom is a more involved application which provides you with help and tips to reach your goals. The app provides colour codes as part of its food logging to help you distinguish between healthy and unhealthy meals. It’s also capable of tracking your steps and other exercise activity. A clean, intuitive design and home screen widgets for your phone make it easy to utilise – and therefore easier for you to keep making healthy decisions.

Lose It!

Another calorie-counting app in the vein of the previous two, Lose It goes into even more depth when it comes to your daily goals. You can set targets for sleep, hydration, body measurements and even your blood pressure in addition to your target weight, and the app will automatically create a custom dietary intake plan for you. Lose It also provides a recipe builder in addition to its considerable food database, and encourages social support. In fact users can even compete in individual or team-based weight loss challenges, allowing your friends to support you and adding a competitive drive to help you with motivation.


Available on both Android and iOS, Lifesum does all the calorie-counting wonders and even gives you reminders as to what foods not to eat. The app on your watch can also give you little motivating messages to keep you on track throughout the day, as well as providing convenient progress bars and charts on your watch so you can track your progress with a glance.

Water Drink Reminder

It seems so simple, but drinking enough water is a major key to good health! Most of us get caught up in whatever work we’re doing throughout the day, and it’s easy to forget the need to keep hydrated – not doing so can give you headaches, leave you struggling to concentrate, feeling lethargy, and other symptoms you’d rather avoid. A little app that gently reminds you to have a drink is a perfect way to make an easy change to your life.

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