Slimming weight loss shake recipes under 200 calories


If you are finding it hard to commit to regular exercise or it simply doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can aid your willpower to eat in moderation by incorporating weight loss shakes into your diet. There are many out there on the market so you might have to test and trial a couple before you find the right taste for you.

Now, we know weight loss shakes can become quite boring if you commit to a large container of protein powder so we have three simple weight loss smoothie recipes you can try:

Tropical Pineapple Smoothie

Whip up this blend on a hot, summer day to quench your thirst. Not only does this selection leave a refreshing, tangy taste in your mouth, it’s also rich in Vitamin C for immunity, Vitamin B for energy enhancement and fibre to increase your metabolism.

Pineapple smoothieTo prepare this drink, you’ll need:

o   2 cups of pineapple chunks

o   ¼ cup of plain, non-fat yogurt

o   Half a glass of water

o   Your favourite weight loss shake powder

Blend all the shared ingredients into a shake and add some ice cubes. These should all add up to 197 calories per serving.

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Canstar Blue consumer survey: diet shakes

Peanut Butter and Banana Shake

Peanut butter banana shakeDon’t try this one in a house where there are nut allergies, of course! Instead of eating a slice of cake, you can sip on this power boosting and equally decadent drink. Peanut butter mainly has fibre, and magnesium which strengthens your bones. Bananas are filled with Vitamin B6 which aids the metabolism in processing fats and protein.

Have these ingredients ready for your shake:

o   1 sliced banana (Tip: Keep some in the freezer )

o   1 tablespoon of peanut butter

o   Some crushed ice

o   Your favourite weight loss shake powder

Place all these ingredients in a blender with half a glass of water. This tasty drink totals at up to 185 calories per serving.

Strawberry Grape Blast

Grape strawberry drinkThe sight of blended strawberries and grapes brings delight to the eyes, especially after an intense work out. Have a whole glass of this drink within reach, and you’ll be packing up with Vitamin C, Omega-3, and Iron in no time.

Prepare the following:

o   1 cup of grapes

o   1 cup of strawberries

o   1½ teaspoons of honey

o   Some crushed ice

o   Half a glass of water

o   Your favourite weight loss shake powder

Add all these in a blender. This vibrantly coloured thirst-quencher is equivalent to 193 calories per serving.

There are many ways to keep your healthy lifestyle interesting and motivating. Give these basic recipes a try today and see how else you can improvise on your weight loss shakes.

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