Can standing desks really help you lose weight?

A few years ago, if you asked your boss for a standing desk you likely would have been met with a blank stare. Nowadays, standing desks have become the norm, filling office spaces around the globe, with no shortage of coworkers praising the invention.

But as popular as they are, they have been the topic of much debate around water coolers since they came onto the market five years ago. Do they really have health benefits, or is it just another product jumping on the fitness bandwagon?

A new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has put the question to bed, with an analysis of hundreds of studies and thousands of participants to prove if the humble standing desk is worth the hype.

The short answer is yes – apparently – that one coworker is onto something, with the standing desk helping to combat issues such as diabetes, hypertension, as well as postural issues such as neck and back pain.

Should we stand up at work now?

With previous studies suggesting that sitting down for long periods of time is putting us on the path to an early grave, it seems that standing is a small sacrifice to make.

But the big question that everyone wanted answered was whether or not the standing desk helped you lose weight. Again, the short answer is yes, but don’t throw away your gym membership just yet.

The study found that with a standing desk, participants were more inclined to move around, burning an extra 54 calories over a six-hour period than their sitting coworkers. For those wondering, 54 calories is about half a banana.

While not entirely the fitness champion that some would lead you to believe, the standing desk may just be worthwhile getting your department onto, with other studies showing links to increased productivity and general workplace happiness.

It’s still recommended to get your 30 minutes of exercise per day, but in the scheme of things, a standing desk seemingly can’t hurt.

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