Straight vs. curly hair: Five things we wish we could change


The grass is always greener on the other side, so we thought we’d shed some light on what it’s really like over on the other side of the hair fence. Here are five things that get straight-haired people in a lather … and five things that make curly-haired folk want to curl up and dye.

Five things that bug people with straight hair

  1. Flyaway hairs. People think “straight” means “smooth and shiny and not at all frizzy”, but that’s a myth.
  2. Updos do not stay up! Braids also refuse to stay braided – the hair just slips right out again.
  3. Curling requires curling irons and a whole bottle’s worth of hairspray.
  4. Other people talk about how they don’t worry if they skip a few days in between shampooing – that’s never going to happen for you. You get about eight hours before your lovely, clean hair is oily again.
  5. You look longingly at the mousse and scrunching gels that promise to give you curly or wavy hair. You try it, and find out it only works if you have some waves to scrunch, which you don’t.

Five things that bug people with curly hair

  1. It takes forever to dry. That’s why you only wash it once a week. Then you wash it, and everyone asks if you dyed your hair lighter. You say yes because you feel ashamed of your dirty hair.
  2. Everything gets stuck in your hair. There could literally be birds nesting in there and you would only know once the eggs hatched and you heard them cheeping.
  3. On a rainy day, people will point out that your hair appears to be growing extra volume, or they give compliments like, “It’s so … fluffy!” Yeah. Thanks a lot. As Monica from Friends kept trying to get across, “It’s the humidity!”
  4. It takes forever to straighten. It’s the real reason why you’re always late to parties.
  5. You have one good hair day a month – just enough to keep you thinking it’s not so bad having such a wild mane.

Two solutions

Learn to love your hair, no matter its shape. You’re stuck with it for life, so you may as well embrace it.

Another more practical solution is hair straighteners, which can help with a lot of our woes. Whether you have straight hair and want to pin down those flyaway hairs, or you have curly hair that you want to settle, finding the right hair straightener for your hair type can go a long way towards your sanity.

Find out which hair straightener brands Australians customers were most satisfied with, and what they thought of them. Compare hair straighteners with Canstar Blue, and then we’ll leave you to mullet over your choice.

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