What are the best brands for weight loss?


Quest barsAt the beginning of a weight loss journey, stepping on the scales can be challenging, but the thought of adopting a diet without treats is twice as hard! The good news is there are plenty of ways to still enjoy the foods you love when making the switch to a healthier diet, writes Ellie McInerney.

Finding a brand that suits your lifestyle is key, because a good quality, fitness and health-minded brand with products that support your weight loss goals will come in very handy when things get tough. And things will get tough…

A few of my favourite go-to products come from brands like Quest, Venus, Sunwarrior, Growing Naturals and Raw. You may have noticed that recently, more and more health conscious products are making their way onto supermarket shelves, with Coles, Woolworths and IGA now stocking products you could once only purchase from supplement or health food stores. This means more variety for your trolley and more time in your schedule.

So read on to find out which ones you can find in your local supermarket and why these products can support you on your health journey.


Just one of the recent additions to your supermarket shelves is the Quest Bar. Once found only on the shelves of supplement stores – or at the bottom of a fitness junkie’s gym bag – Quest Bars hit the market and made some pretty serious waves. Quest Nutrition is now listed as the second fastest growing private company in America – so popular on the gym scene that its treat-tasting bars are now available worldwide.

The mission of Quest Nutrition is to end metabolic disease, and its products truly reflect this by providing consumers with great tasting bars and shakes. Quest products fit nicely into your day as a lower calorie treat that won’t tip your diet off balance, while also providing a nutritional boost in the form of 21 grams of protein per bar.


Sunwarrior is a vegan, plant-based protein from raw sprouted wholegrain brown rice. Sunwarrior products contain nine essential amino acids, and according to the brand’s website its protein is the first completely hypoallergenic protein – meaning it’s very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and is easily digested by all age groups.

Sunwarrior products are soy free, dairy free, gluten free and non-GMO. Other benefits to Sunwarrior products include being completely free from chemicals like solvents, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives and artificial colours. What’s better? These protein shakes taste amazing – the chocolate actually tastes like chocolate and the vanilla actually tastes like vanilla! That’s a win for your waistline and your tastebuds!


Venus is a new brand on the market with some amazing products for fitness minded women. Its proteins and supplements support a fitness lifestyle, with ingredients like green tea and acai berry that help burn fat and boost your performance at the gym.

In one serve of the thermogenic Venus protein, you will find a mega 31 grams of protein, a tiny 1.1 grams of fat and only 148 calories. Fitness megastar Michelle Bridges advises a snack should be around 150 calories, so the Venus protein shakes can fit perfectly into your diet as a pick-me up, post-workout shake or when the 3pm slump hits and you want a healthier option.

Other benefits to the Venus range include its supplements like the Shred and Energize Thermogenic Weight Management formula, which encourages the body to burn excess fat and reduce food cravings.

Best of the rest

Some other of my favourite brands that support weight loss are Growing Naturals, Raw and Vital Protein, which use a combination of pea and brown rice protein for vegan friendly, delicious tasting, low calorie shake and supplement options. Incorporating some of these brands into your diet is a much smarter way to indulge your tastebuds when you still want to eat healthy and move towards your weight loss goals, not away from them.

Dieting and healthy eating doesn’t have to mean missing out on treats. If you can adopt the Quest Nutrition mantra of “cheat clean” you can have a meal, snack or treat that tastes like a total indulgence, but has nutritional benefits too. So, the next time you want a sweet hit, steer clear of the sugar and hit the supplement section of your supermarket – what you’ll find there might just surprise you!

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