The best weight loss apps for a healthier lifestyle


Everyone knows losing weight can be hard. It’s one of the hard truths of life, along with ‘sugar is bad for you’ and ‘gym memberships are darn expensive’. But while shedding some excess kilos is always going to be tough work, there are definitely ways to make it a little less difficult, including utilising mobile apps.

It seems some people are rather cynical in regards to mobile apps claiming to be useful for fitness purposes, but trust us when we say that there are definitely some genuinely useful ones out there. We were even nice enough to list them for you!


A calorie-counting app with a little extra, MyFitnessPal is owned by sportswear company Under Armour and makes calorie-counting feel easy and rewarding. The app’s interface is simple without feeling basic or childish, and has a barcode scanning function which makes it easy to input all your favourite foods. It also lets you customise your personal calorie goals, and congratulates you whenever you reach one!

Fitness Buddy

Potentially an invaluable tool for those who quickly get bored of their same old workout, this app lets you pick and mix different exercise regimes to keep things new and interesting. It has a weight tracking feature, and even displays exactly where your various workouts will build muscle! It has diagrams which show you exactly how to do every exercise in your routine, and also lets you log what you did and when.


Not only can this app help you lose weight, but it can help improve your knowledge when it comes to food and nutrition. Fooducate helps you understand what’s in the various foods you eat on a daily basis, breaking them down by nutritional value and giving them a rating for how healthy they are. This in turn helps you to make better choices about the food you purchase and consume, which then potentially leads to weight loss and a healthier you!

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Perfect for the runner deep down inside you, RunKeeper has everything you need to stay motivated and on your feet. A built-in map, run timers and calorie calculators all make this an indispensable tool for both the devoted runner and the casual weekend jogger. It’s definitely useful for anyone who has made running part of their weight loss agenda.


Seeing as FitBit has become the quintessential weight loss device in recent years, we couldn’t not include the FitBit app on this list. The app, which can be used even if you don’t have a FitBit, tracks not only your steps but also your total distance walked and the calories you’ve burned through walking. It also has a maps feature allowing you to plan a walking route and see how long it takes you to walk any given distance.


Feeling like you need a slightly stronger incentive to stick to your diet? Well how about cold hard cash, or the thought of having less of it? Pact is an app that helps you hit your healthy eating goals by putting actual money on the line: If you fulfil the ‘pact’ then you make money (between $0.30 and $5 a week), but if you get lazy, or forget your bank account is debited for the amount you placed on the pact, then you might learn the hard way. However, once you get into the swing of things, you may stand to make a tidy profit and get fitter – it’s a win win!

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iPhone Health App/Google Fit

Similar apps for different mobile operating systems, these apps come preinstalled on iPhone and Android devices respectively, and are handy for basic things like tracking weight, heart activity and steps walked on a daily basis. They function fully by themselves, but can also be connected to external accessories like an Apple Watch or pedometer for even more functionality. So if you’re having trouble deciding on a fitness app to download, why not just use the one that’s already on your phone?

The 7-Minute Workout App

Don’t have the time or money to go to the gym on a regular basis? Then this might be the app for you. Based on hard science from a number of institutions, this app guides you through a seven-minute workout which is thought to provoke intra-muscular change similar to that caused by several hours of running or bike-riding. While there’s no getting around the fact that it’s designed to be a rather unpleasant seven minutes, there are a few upsides: You get 10 seconds of rest in between each of the 12 exercises, and it’s done after seven minutes. Could you ask for a more convenient workout?

In summary

Some people need more than just willpower to lose weight, and sometimes an app helping you along the way can be just the thing! Hopefully one of these apps has what you need to shed those extra kilos and hit your healthy goals in no time. Good luck!

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