The Best YouTube Channels for Hair Tutorials

Want celebrity style for free? Here’s our one-stop shop for hair inspiration, from everyday style to fancy braided up-dos to classic looks for costume theme parties.

1. Straightening curly hair

If you have curly hair, you’ll love Nurberxo’s tutorial on how to straighten your own hair using just a hairbrush and a blow dryer. Bonus: On her YouTube channel, she also has a relationship advice series.

2. Trimming your own fringe

Trying to trim your own bangs? Watch this quick video by WenxD first!

3. 5-minute curls

Kayley Melissa‘s channel has everything: how to achieve the latest popular looks for your casual everyday; elaborate braids; she’s even recreated Kate Middleton styles. Take a look at her 5-minute curls tutorial – she shows you not just one, but three ways to do it!

4. Cute girls hairstyles

Want to learn some amazing tricks before back-to-school fever hits in January? The Cute Girls Hairstyles channel just makes perfect sense. These tutorials teach you how to easily and quickly do everything from elaborate braids for school assembly to pristine buns for dance recitals. Check out the gorgeous French twist into side braid tutorial by Kamri.

We also recommend Miss Alexandra Centomo‘s channel, where she talks about how to deal with school: a morning cleanser routine; eating healthy snacks; staying organised and motivated; and an after-school workout routine.

For the Mum whose daughter wants to do her hair like Elsa from Frozen, you should go to Bebexo‘s channel. It’s very cutes and the tutorials make elaborate hairdos doable. Bebexo even shows you how to make a hair bow out of your own hair – adorable.

5. The perfect bun … with a sock

No money to buy a hair donut? Cut a hole in an old sock! That’s what Wendy’s Lookbook will show you how to do. (Her channel is also chockers with other fashion tips like 25 ways to wear a scarf. Love it.)

6. Vintage hairdos

On Cherry Dollface’s channel, we like the 1940s Victory Rolls tutorial or the easier version: the faux victory roll.

7. Updos for the formal

Cinthia Truong‘s channel has some truly beautiful and elegant updos suitable for any formal or wedding hairstyle. My personal favourite is her Spring Braided Flower tutorial because it looks hard but it’s actually so simple.

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