The straight razor shave

It is manly, yet also relaxing; a straight razor shave at the barber is the male equivalent of a facial. Feel the testosterone rush through you as a man holds a razor sharp piece of metal to your face, but also feel relaxed with a hot towel on your face and the scent of shaving cream wafting to your nostrils.

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When getting a shave, it is as though you are taking part in a ritual that men all throughout history have experienced.

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So, how does it work? Here is a walk-through for the uninitiated.

You’ll walk into the nice little barber shop and then sit down in a cool chair, and then the barber will tilt it back. He will begin by putting a hot towel on your face to soften the facial hairs. After a cleanser, you’ll get another hot towel – the whole process is very relaxing.

Barbers will either have their own recipe for shaving cream, or use a really nice one. It will come from a heated dispenser and feel really nice on your face.

These days, with health requirements, barbers will tend to use disposable straight edge razors as opposed to traditional ones that were used on many men. The barber will do two passes with the razor; after the first pass, a hot towel is applied, and then more shaving cream before the second.

To finish, you’ll get a cool towel to close the pores – a bit of a contrast from the lovely warmth you’ve just experienced – and will be splashed with some manly-smelling aftershave.

Overall, it is a really pleasurable experience. A barber’s shave can be considered a man’s essential; not only does it take the effort out of shaving yourself, it is a nice treat and a way to de-stress after a big week at work.

Barbering as a profession has become ever more popular in recent years as the demand for straight edge shaving grows among young trendy men. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a barber, so it is well worth going down for a shave and appreciating the skills of the man with the blade.

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