Truth about weight-loss supplements


ThinkstockPhotos-483508327-1Dieting can be challenging especially when we are exposed to a variety of comfort foods out there. Thankfully, several pharmaceutical companies are on the constant look out for solutions to address every Australian’s need in weight loss.

Before checking out products to work in with your fitness plan, here are some things to know about the top weight loss supplements:

  • Not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal

We can safely say multivitamins have similar effects for both men and women. This is where weight loss supplements are different. Their results may vary depending on a person’s lifestyle and health condition. You’ll find the most effective product by knowing your habits and by talking to your personal physician.

  • They don’t work the same way

Each weight loss supplement has a different function. A perfect example to illustrate this is that Garcenia blocks fats and contains appetite-suppressing enzymes, while Green Tea extracts stimulate a person to exercise more and be active.

  • There is no magic diet pill

Since weight loss supplements are convenient to purchase over the counter, some may just entirely rely on them. You can only maximise their efficiency when combined with exercise, a nutritious diet and overall healthy living.

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How safe are they?

It’s important to check how your body may react to some of the ingredients in weight loss supplements.

They may have harmful side effects, when taken excessively or if a person does not follow their prescribed methods of intake. These include nausea, headache or indigestion. Always make sure you speak with a physician to ensure the chosen product will work well with your body.

If you’re trying to lose some excess weight to reach your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI), weight loss supplements may be for you. Combined with your commitment to a fitness plan, these supplements might be just what you need to be your fittest self.

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