Who gets sunburnt the most?


Who gets sunburnt the most? While exposure to the sun does stimulate the production of Vitamin D and also aids calcium absorption for stronger bones, excessive exposure will leave you sunburnt, sore, and sorry.

In Australia, we love to get out in the sun, and apparently many of us still tend to go out with little to no protection from UV rays. This is why the incidence of skin cancer in Aussies is three times higher than in Canada, the UK, and the USA.

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Despite being very concerned about skin cancer, 22% of Canstar Blue’s 1,916 sunscreen survey respondents said that they often get sunburnt, with Generation X and Generation Y far more likely to In fact only 16% of all Gen Y’ers say they use sunscreen all the time in the summer months.

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Canstar Blue sunscreen customer satisfaction survey

According to the Cancer Council, the most common places for sunburn (and skin cancers) are the face, neck, ears, hands, and arms. They are the parts of the body that catch the sum more often, and more than 90% of all skin cancers are found on these parts.

On top of that, those with fair skin are far more likely to get sunburnt, as are people with red hair. However, this doesn’t mean that anyone should skip out on sun protection. Never skip out on sun protection!

What is the best way to protect your skin? By using some common sense. Sunscreen is a must, and a product that contains Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as an active ingredient will offer the best protection.

Seeking some shade and wearing sun protective clothing will also reduce the risk of getting burnt.

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Very few people apply sunscreen every day; only 21% of our survey respondents to be exact. That figure is even less when it comes to younger people, with only 16%of Gen Y and 25% of Gen X applying daily. This is putting them at further risk of sunburn, premature aging, and of course, skin cancer – which can be fatal.

Perhaps the younger generation should learn from their elders: 75% of Baby Boomers expressed the wish that they had been better protected from the sun when they were younger. We have done the research; all you need to do is put on some sunscreen.

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