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Shower Head Buying Guide

Shower Heads Buying Guide

Posted by March 3rd 2021

With constant deadlines and responsibilities flooding our minds every day, sometimes the bathroom can transform into the unexpected oasis we need to escape. And it’s little things like shower heads that can make a big …

types of lawn in Australia

Varieties of lawn in Australia

Posted by June 7th 2022

What type of lawn should you plant in your garden? Here is a rundown of the most common types in Australia to help you decide.

Portable BBQ Buying Guide

Portable BBQs Buying Guide

Posted by August 8th 2022

Portable barbecues are perfect for almost any occasion where space is at a premium. Read our guide on brands, prices and features.

ALDI reveals swimming pool gear Special Buys

Posted by July 25th 2022

With summer just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time for ALDI to bring out its pool gear Special Buys. All types of pool essentials will hit the middle aisle this Wednesday (24 October) …

ALDI rolls out its lawn mower and other gardening gear

Posted by July 25th 2022

The weather is warming up, and the grass is starting to grow, so ALDI’s lawn mower Special Buy event is here. This Saturday (September 1), ALDI’s middle aisles will feature lawn mowers and other garden essentials, …

LG Washing Machine Brand Guide

A guide to heat pump clothes dryers

Posted by July 27th 2022

Heat pump dryers are often name-dropped as the best appliance for drying your clothes. So how energy-efficient are they?

LG A9 Reviewed

LG A9 Handstick Vacuum Review

Posted by July 25th 2022

Cordless handstick vacuums are the future of vacuuming and make the dreaded household chore an easier task, with LG one of the brands leading the revolution. Along with Dyson, LG is putting an end to corded vacuum cleaners …

Move Appliances Safely

How to move your appliances… safely

Posted by July 28th 2022

Most people will agree that transporting your appliances from one house to another is the most stressful part of moving. They are typically the largest, most bulky, and awkward items in your home. Plus, they …

Dyson V10 Reviewed

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review

Posted by July 25th 2022

Just like corded phones, corded vacuums are now a thing of the past. Dyson is a pioneer in vacuum cleaners – first creating the bagless vacuum and now putting an end to corded vacuums forever. …